Instructions for online presentation


The conference will be held online using Microsoft Teams software. All presenters will use the software via links to particular sections (links will be send by email). The links will work for all participants and visitors, no matter if accessed from a computer within the Faculty of Pharmacy or another computer/mobile device outside. The access from the external device does not require the license to MS Team software – the links enable access to all. Please, for more general details of the Teams software, check the video training. To test your internet connection and your presentation, please visit the testing room (link will be send by email) opened before the conferention. To help us to plan dedicated rooms for your presentations, please fill this form where you will present your lecture to help us arrange the section (link will be send by email).

All contributions will be presented as short lectures 15 min (max. 12 min + 3 min discussion)

Prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). 

Presentation of your lecture:

Connect to your section in advance. If you use a dedicated room, log in to the computer at least 10 min before the time of your presentation. If you are using the computer in the dedicated room for the first time, you must install MS Teams first! Follow the instructions in the tutorial (lower). The technical chairperson will assist you with the arrangement of the presentation if necessary. They will be within the dedicated rooms. For the participant who asked for the dedicated room, reserved room is highlighted (red) in the program.

Please, open your PowerPoint presentation on your computer before starting your presentation. Wait for the introduction of the section chairperson, unmute your microphone and share your desktop or the window with the PowerPoint presentation. Start presenting using standard controls of PowerPoint (Right and Left arrows or mouse), use mouse pointer as a laser pointer to highlight necessary items in your slides during the presentation. When finished with your presentation, wait for a discussion led by the chairperson. When the chairman announces the end of your presentation, stop sharing your presentation and mute your microphone.

Brief tutorial is here.

The language of the presentation is English! Czech or Slovak only in an exceptional case.

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