Education Overview

The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology provides teaching of the compulsory subject Medical Devices (3rd section), which aims to define the categories of medical devices and their properties. The subject also emphasizes the proper handling of medical devices. The obligatory subject Physical Principles of Dosage Forms (3rd section) introduces the basic physical principles employed in the formulation and stabilization of dosage forms. This course is followed by the compulsory subjects Pharmaceutical Technology I. (3rd section) and Pharmaceutical Technology II. (4th section), which are among the crucial subjects of pharmaceutical study. The subjects focus on the theory of dosage forms, their production in a laboratory and a fully automated, industrial scale. Both subjects aim to introduce the excipients in pharmaceutical preparations and to point out the importance of specific technological procedures, manufacturing methods and quality control of dosage forms. Practical training is focused on acquiring practical skills in compounding of medicinal preparations and to introduce the methods of evaluation of selected dosage forms. The seminars emphasize the selected chapters of compounding in pharmacies, e.g., sterile dosage forms.

In cooperation with the Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, in addition, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology participates in the teaching of the compulsory subject Basics of Pharmacy Practice (1st section), which prepares students for a mandatory one-week training in a pharmacy after the 1st section of the study.

In addition to compulsory subjects, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology also provides teaching of optional subjects: Introduction to the Industrial Pharmacy (3rd section), Cosmetology for Pharmacists (4th section), and Extemporaneous Preparation in Hospital Pharmacy (4th section). The optional subjects Development of Pharmaceutical Products (4th section), Industrial Production of Pharmaceutical Preparations (4th section), Selected Methods of Pharmaceutical Technology (4th section) are included in the specialization in Pharmaceutical technology.

Postgraduate Study

Study programs:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology

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