Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Education Overview

The department ensures education in the profile subject Pharmaceutical Technology. It also ensures classes in the obligatory subject Medical Devices and optional classes in Cosmetology for Pharmacists and Homeopatic Preparations. The department also provides, in the above mentioned fields of study, postgraduate doctoral study programmes in Pharmaceutical Technology. More ...

Research Overview

Scientific and research activities of the department are oriented at the specific processes of formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms, their structural characteristics, physiochemical and biopharmaceutical properties and at creating of the appropriate general models, including mathematical ones.

The department focuses on the study of mechanical properties and calorimetric characteristics of pharmaceutical excipients and their systems enabling drug administration and modulating kinetics of drug release and permeation. It deals with the study of oral, dermal, transdermal and mucosal dosage forms; it also studies selected problems in the parenteral preparations, especially biodegrable polymer implants. More ...

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