Research Overview

Research activity of the Department of Analytical Chemistry is focused on the development, optimization and validation of analytical methods for selective detection, quantitation, and monitoring of low concentration levels of biologically important compounds using mostly chromatographic, electrophoretic and flow techniques. The cited methods are combined with modern sample pretreatment techniques.

Departmental facilities

FIA – automated system developed at DAC (DAD UV-VIS detektor); SIA 1 – automated analyzer developed at DAC (fl uorescence, chemiluminescence and electrochemical detector); SIA 2 – FIAlab 3000 (DAD UV-VIS detektor, fl uorescence detector); SIA 3 – FIAlab 3500 (DAD UV-VIS detector, fl uorescence detector); SIA 4 – FIAlab micro- SIA analyzer with Lab-On-Valve platform and Ocean Optics USB2000 detector; Electrophoretic analyser EA 100 and EA 202 (conductometric detector, UV - VIS detector) (Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia); CE Beckman – P/ACE MDQ (DAD UV detector); CE Prince and Prince CEC 750 (DAD UV detector, conductometric detector); HPLC Shimadzu 10A (UV detector), HPLC Shimadzu LC-2010 C (DAD UV detector, fl uorescence detector) and HPLC Shimadzu Prominence LC-20AD (DAD UV detector); UPLC Waters Aquity (UV detector); Mass spectrometric detector Micromass – Quattro micro API ESCI; HPLC Waters Breeze (UV detector); GC Shimadzu – 17A (FID); Spectrofl uorimeter RF 1501 Shimadzu


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