Doctoral Dissertation Themes

Development of stirring devices for preconcentration of analytes of biological and pharmaceutical interest using 3D printing

Stirring devices are elements that are placed into a liquid sample and let stir while they are adsorb an analyte of interest on their surface. Afterwards, they are washed and placed into an appropriate eluent to desorb the analyte. Finally, the eluent is injected into e.g. HPLC, CE, or GC. This way, the analyte is preconcentrated and separated from interfering matrix components. The student will develop and optimize applications, both manual and automated, using such devices with focus to biological-active substances in liquid foods, waters, and biological samples. In particular, the student will participate in the development and study of new stirring device designs by the aid of 3D printing e.g. to enable the integration of novel sorbent materials.

Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Dalibor Šatínský, Ph.D.

Keywords: Míchací zařízení, 3D tisk, nové sorbenty, automatizace, kapalinová chromatografie

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