Doctoral Dissertation Themes

Geriatric syndromes and potentially inappropriate medication use in older patients in Europe- strategies how to reduce the medication risks

The student will conduct current literature review helping to describe the prevalence of geriatric syndromes and potentially inappropriate prescribing in selected European countries. He/she will help to work out protocols for the prospective study to analyze the prevalence of geriatric syndromes and risk factors of PIM prescribing in a selected geriatric setting of care. The sets of all until now published criteria of potentially inappropriate prescribing will be used for analyses. The health status of older patients will be assessed using standardized assessment tools based on selected characteristics from RAI CGA- "Comprehensive geriatric assessment" or using also additional assessment tools. The methodology will be applied during the prospective data collection in the EUROAGEISM H2020 project (on the sample of at least 450 patients per selected geriatric setting of care). The student will develop skills in statistical evaluations of epidemiological data and will use them in pharmacoepidemiological analyses. With the help of supervisor Assoc. Prof. Fialová Daniela, PharmD, PhD he/she will summarize results into final report of the EUROAGEISM H2020 project and in recommendations for WHO, an official partner of the EUROAGEISM H2020 project.

Supervisor: doc. PharmDr. Daniela Fialová, Ph.D.

Keywords: Geriatrické syndromy, potenciálně nevhodná léčiva, senioři, evropské země, EUROAGEISM H2020 project

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