Doctoral Dissertation Themes

Study of the effects of (patho)physiological conditions on the nanostructure and permeability of skin lipid barrier models

review of current knowledge about the skin barrier lipids, optimization of the extraction procedures for free and covalent stratum corneum lipids (including analysis of the extracted lipids), investigation of various conditions (annealing temperatures, hydration) for the preparation of skin lipid models investigation of the impact of the preparation conditions on the permeability and biophysics of the skin lipid model, optimization and validation of the preparation of the skin lipid model in aqueous conditions study the impact of pH, filaggrin breakdown products, calcium ions, cholesteryl sulfate on the properties and permeability of the skin lipid model incorporation of corneocytes or their mimics with corneocyte lipid nevelope into the optimized model

Supervisor: prof. PharmDr. Kateřina Vávrová, Ph.D.

Keywords: kožní bariéra, lipidové membrány, korneocytální lipidová obálka, suplementace lipidů

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